Thursday, November 29, 2007


Rules/laws/etc. are strictly relative terms, they are not acknowledged, followed, enforced, etc.

I don't think Italians could draw a straight line with a ruler...for all their art and architectural history, I've yet to see a level building

Italians would put the worst American rednecks to shame with the things they burn/bury in the yard/throw out the car window

Driving in Italy, what can I say? *see my post on this topic below*

The tighter the clothes, the better...this especially refers to those who are overweight

Italians have never heard of city planning. Everyone parks in the roads (which are already barely big enough for two cars to pass) and big trucks with deliveries often block entire lanes of traffic.

Italians don't use dry wall in their homes. They are concrete walls which are impossible to nail anything to.

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