Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Those in need

Since Thanksgiving is usually one of those times to reflect on how thankful we are for all of our blessings, I thought that it would be a perfect time to also point out how we can help those who don't have all those blessings we have. During the last two years, we have sponsored a child through a program called "Compassion International." They are a Christian company who focuses on education as a means to help the needy of the global community. They have schools in many countries, and allow people to donate by sponsoring a specific child, so that they can see the difference their donation is making.

Our little girl is named Ambar. She is from the Dominican Republic, and will be eight years-old in March. We have received three letters from her, and they are the most precious letters a person will ever receive. She is so curious about us, tells us about her family, asks us questions about ours, and it is just the sweetest thing to receive. We've sent her letters as well, along with a picture of us, and it is an amazing blessing to know that this little girl will have a better life because of our small $32 a month. Through Compassion, we were also able to send an extra donation so that Ambar and the other children in her school will receive gifts for Christmas.

If you have ever considered donations to a ministry, I would highly suggest Compassion. They are very transparent as to where they spend their money, send regular updates on special projects they are doing (for example, right now they're doing a special project in Africa to help mothers and babies who are HIV positive), and are highly recommended by several national groups. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, or to view their website.

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